Access to Funds

Funding is the heart of every business. Statistics have shown that about 75% of African businesses lack the required funds to grow while 25% of these businesses lack basic financial management skills.

At the Enterprise Ecosystem Support, we facilitate access to funding, be it  grants, equities or loans whilst also providing you expertise on how best to access and manage your funds. For Businesses looking to win grants or raise the next business capital or loans, joining our community helps leverage access to these kinds of opportunities. Our variety of funding options ranges from partnership with different Venture Capitalist and Financial Institutions as well as individuals provide you with varieties of funding support to businesses.

A number of our training are geared towards practical ways to access funding and the type of funding your business requires for the next level. Either as a startup, growing SME or MSME, these funding opportunities are tailored to meet the immediate needs of the next steps in your business as business owners in our community. Whether you seek funding for the next level, or seek funds to stay afloat, scale or start out, our community is the right place for you. Then you are at the right place.

In our bid to help build and grow sustainable businesses across Africa, a premium is placed on how businesses can get required funding needed for the next phase of their businesses. Our team ensures  members are rightly educated on funding options, choosing the best funding option needed for growth.

Looking for Grant opportunities?

We keep you informed on grant opportunities that are open for application. With our pool of experts and strategists, we provide training on how to apply for grants and win them.


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