Be a Mentor

Help African business owners gain the required skills they need to grow by joining our team of business mentors. Mentoring is crucial to business growth. The roles mentor play in the development of a business cannot be over-emphasized, serving as trusted confidants over an extended period of time.

According to data by National mentoring survey, 93% of small and medium sized businesses acknowledge that mentoring can help them to succeed. Only 25% of small and medium sized businesses currently make use of business mentors. Business owners want to have access to industry leaders and professionals but don’t know how to. Being a community member at
the Enterprise Ecosystem helps to bridge this gap. Giving platforms to connect with professionals who serve as mentors to our organization.

Become a mentor today to help businesses reach their full potential thus, promoting their personal and professional development. The accountability and transparency mentoring
provides is needed to evaluate progress and give honest observations.
Become a mentor today to equip African businesses with your knowledge and experiences to run viably.

Be a mentor today to inspire and motivate African businesses, encourage innovative ideas.

  •  Are you innovative?
  •  Are you passionate about seeing African businesses run sustainably?
  •  Do you share common goals with the Enterprise Ecosystem Support?
  •  Are you willing to guide business owners to achieving their goals?
  •  Are you an industry leader or professional?
  • Can you help someone in your field put their skills and experience to work?

Become a mentor today, coach and lead business owners, Share your industry knowledge with others.

Being a mentor in our community, it;

  • Builds your leadership skills.
  • Enhances your coaching prowess.
  • Develops your cross-cultural communication skills by mentoring businesses across Africa.
  • Add to your professional network.

 Join our pool of mentors providing support for African businesses from their wealth of experience today. Mentors have the potential to make difference in productivity. In their careers, they have had experiences, built strong networks, failed and learnt, succeeded and gone through the path small business owners are ploughing. They are key to achieving a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem needed for Africa.

 Be a mentor today, let’s unlock and develop the continent’s entrepreneurial potential.