BUMPA; May Business Startup Crush

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Bumpa; Our May Business Startup Crush

The paradigm shift from traditional methods of business processes and management to leveraging technology has become imperative for efficiency and scalability.

Leveraging technology is a strength the MIGHTIES have always explored. Industry giants being privy to some tools have always used them to their advantage. “Companies that invest more in digital transformation actually outperform their peers over time. These companies are more prepared for disruption, better able to monetize new digital channels, and better able to build a bigger user base. What’s more, this phenomenon exists regardless of industry.”  Geoff Cubitt, CEO, Isobar US.

With the help of technology, digital transformation enables businesses to improve customer experience and get customers what they want conveniently. Hence, more than ever, the need to embrace and adopt digital into strategies has become pertinent.

With digital eruptions sweeping everywhere, automations have become more prevalent;

The use of technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort can be replaced. A call for efficiency demands that processed and management go digital while humans play supervisory roles.

In the celebration of May’s business startup crush, we acknowledge Bumpa; a business and processes management tool providing ease for businesses across.

Bumpa is an amazing no-code tool that developers or business owners need to sell online and manage their business from their mobile phone. Bumpa provides you to;  set up a free website, manage your inventory, track your transactions, debtors and orders across all your sales channels including social media, marketplaces and your physical store.

Bumpa also provides you with an easier way to create and host a website for your business for free, manage your sales across social media platforms, engage your customers and manage your cash books for free both online and offline, all from your phone.

Bumpa is free and can be downloaded via any of  these links below; 









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