Our community consists of over 4,000 business owners all across different industries in Africa. We intentionally and consistently provide members of our community with business information/updates in business space, partnership and collaboration opportunities and most importantly foster networking.

Community members get first hand information and updates on our programs, training, events and incubation. Every member becomes a benefactor of our overall goal of building sustainable business in Africa.

As a community member at Enterprise Ecosystem Support, we are always on the lookout for the growth of your business hence, you’re on our priority list when opportunities like access to funding via various media, business insights and consultancy and lastly grants and loans.

Beyond the wide range of privileges you get as a member of our community, you’re ascertain of new information and business growth tips in the community groups.

Not even a chance to miss out on anything in the community as our weekly news letters covers activities in the community and important business news. 

For the sake of your convenience, our community groups are largely on WhatsApp,  Facebook and instagram hence, you’re certain of being in the group on which ever platform that fits you.


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