Enterprise Ecosystem Support Conference

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2020 has been quite an eventful year. A variation of the good, bad and ugly. The sole impact of Covid19 all across the world cannot be undermined. Businesses have been shut, some running below capacity , while the dream of many intending business were aborted.

Post covid was heralded by not-so-good events in some parts of Africa. This includes the popular End-Sarz campaign in Nigeria where lives were lost and properties destroyed and taking turns on many businesses as they have been forcefully shutdown.

Different events that we have tagged bad have been individually felt in different parts of Africa which have created vacuum in most economies.

Has there been any good this year?

To some Yes, to others , it is a resounding No. It is not impossible we have a category of people who are indifferent or have mixed feelings. 

One thing is certain, SMEs are key to the economic  growth of any nation. They play a major role in managing the economy and must be aided in the most possible ways.

Join the Enterprise Ecosystem Support on the 13th of December, 2020 for the annual Conference, Award and dinner tagged ‘’ THE AFRICA WE WANT; The role of SMEs in creating a sustainable economy ‘’.  

This event brings to you an opportunity to network and engage in brand activations cutting across businesses with the attendance of some of Nigeria’s finest industry leaders and entrepreneurs.

The best they say is saved for the last. 2020 just got better with this conference . See you

Enterprise Ecosystem Support

Enterprise Ecosystem Support