Become a Funding Partner

Funding remains a key issue for a lot of businesses in Africa. Access to fund is consistently listed as one the biggest obstacles to businesses in African countries. With the figures inflating, the Enterprise ecosystem support as a non-for profit organization provides a platform to facilitate easy access to affordable funding solutions for SMEs through its collaboration with local and international Development Finance Institutions, Specialized Development Funding Agencies, Commercial and Specialized Banks, Venture Capital and Private Equity Funds, Angel Investors and other Private Sector or Government Funded Agencies

 By funding projects, programs and businesses within our communities, we are able to build more sustainable businesses in Africa, help businesses grow and scale which directly impacting unemployment and poverty rates in the continent.

 As a partner at Enterprise Ecosystem Support, you are open to a large pool of SME/MSME owners seeking to raise funds to proceed to next levels in their business. We will provide these businesses with necessary support to scale up processes and growth. You play a crucial role in helping these businesses scale up to their next level.

 As an organization, growth is a leveler of processes for members of our community thus, helping them make more informed decisions and driving business strategy. We provide them funding information and options.

By being a funding partner, we are able to:

• Facilitate trainings and workshops for members of our ecosystem.

• Grow relevant reach and impact on the average business owner in Africa.

• Ensure key operational, commercial and financial targets are achieved.

• Help small businesses conduct market research, assess current market trends without worries of funding to execute.


Funds received are disbursed to facilitate activities, programs, training, events, and workshops. We are able to provide optimum support to ensure African businesses grow viably.


Being a funding partner gives you access to:

• Financial performance information and funding records. The activities and impacts on small businesses will be transparent and duly accounted for.

• Possible collaborations and partnerships with mentors, other funding partners, industry leaders and entrepreneurs of the Enterprise Ecosystem Support.

 Are you a financial organization, private investor, venture capitalist, Angel investor, philanthropist who’s passionate about helping startups, SME and MSMEs grow?


Be a part of our funding partners today to influence key decision making as we continue to provide support for African business that will conquer both local and global space.