Incubation at Enterprise Ecosystem Support covers us as an organization supporting the establishment and growth of a start-up. As  business incubators, we see the growth potential and weigh the opportunity before supporting or funneling funds into any start-up.

The selection process of a start-up for incubation at Enterprise Ecosystem Support involves a high level of research before any decision is taken to support or fund a start-up. As an organization, the goal of incubation is to increase the success chances of African owned start-ups.

We understand there is no dearth of start-ups that work on a brilliant idea with a huge scope of scaling. However, our team at Enterprise Ecosystem Support know that these companies have little knowledge about management, and therefore, burn cash rapidly.

Our Business incubation project helps the start-ups to manage finances and ensure proper utilization of the money. Managing a business at a very local level plays a significant role in making the foundation strong and scale it.

From Physical Facility Support at our training hub to fostering networking facilities and lastly support services, our incubation project is designed to cover the overall need of start-up in the Africa business space.

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