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At the Enterprise Ecosystem Support, our community consists of business owners and entrepreneurs across Africa. We are a not-for-profit organization providing support to sustainably grow businesses in Africa. In a bid to offer premium support to businesses ranging from funding, mentorship, training, partnerships and collaborations, our community serves as a platform to execute the vision of our organization. We exist in 10+African states, setting and enabling growth for businesses across. We inspire businesses to grow and scale, connecting them for support and shared purpose,

Get connected to business owners and entrepreneurs in 10+ countries in Africa in our community.

Are you interested in expanding your professional network, gaining more knowledge, accessing trainings, staying updated on business updates? By joining our community, you have access to quality training to boost your skill and expertise. Our trainings are facilitated by renowned professionals in their respective industries, giving you insights needed to improve on your business.

Join our community to access to pool of mentors, providing you a platform to learn from their wealth of expertise and knowledge. By joining our active social media community on Instagram, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, we are able to connect with you, providing you with engaging content, updates and information. Be a part of our community interactions via our social media platforms to discus relevant business trending topics/issues. 

Presently, our vast community spans through 10+ African countries. We are seeking to expand the numbers. We project to help grow sustainably over 2000 businesses in Africa by the end of 2021.  As an organization, we promote organizational values, business ethics, accountability and transparency, whilst providing a conducive and safe environment to business owners to interact and comfortably relate with themselves.

Our community guidelines strictly prohibits dishonesty, malicious, obloquy and provocative statements. We are keen on community members maintaining mutual respect for one another. 
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