African business owners want to create their own future; working together we can ensure that they have the required skills, information, enabling environment and resources to do so. Help inspire business owners, individuals and organizations who share in our vision to build sustainable businesses across Africa by sharing our impact story.

Small businesses play a huge role in the economic growth of a nation. They are the economic growth drivers of the nation. Worldwide, the statistics project the dominance of small businesses across different sectors. Africa isn’t left out of the scene. SMEs account for the majority of businesses worldwide and are important contributors to job creation and global economic development representing about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment.

The challenges faced by these businesses are numerous ranging from lack of funds, inadequate market research, un-validated business, Inability to rightly penetrate the market, poor customer service, lack of mentoring, etc.


The Enterprise Ecosystem as a not-for profit organization provides support to help create a conducive environment for these businesses to grow by providing businesses with the required skills, information and other resources in forms of trainings, funding, partnerships and collaborations, important news, updates, and networking pivotal to building the entrepreneurial Africa that we want

 As a brand ambassador, you project the values of the Enterprise Ecosystem Support, share in our vision of building sustainable businesses across Africa, lowering and curbing unemployment rate and improving the quality of business operations.

 Join our team of ambassadors today. A team of business leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals across, bound by a common goal of seeing African businesses sustainably run. By being a brand ambassador, you represent the interests of the organization at specific events across Africa.

With the increasing influence of the internet and social media, being a brand ambassador at Enterprise Ecosystem Support makes it possible to project the organizational values and culture to your personal networks.

As a brand ambassador, you will represent the brand and portray as one of the faces that support the organization, using your already established networks and relationships to promote the organization via word-of-mouth and other marketing tactics.

Being a brand ambassador connects you to other professional, entrepreneurs, industry leaders and business owners who together promote the values of the Enterprise Ecosystem Support globally. The opportunities to network are boundless. Meet with other ambassadors for possible mutual collaborations.

As an organization, we operate in more than 10 countries+ African states. Being a brand ambassador boosts your sphere of influence across different countries.

Are you business- enthusiastic, charismatic, goal-driven, and passionate about businesses thriving in Africa? Do you mentor businesses, inspire and motivate? Are you a business owner or entrepreneur? Then apply to be a brand ambassador today.