With the daily increase in the number of small businesses, the hindrances to growth battling these businesses and a not-so conducive environment as it is presently in Africa for these businesses to thrive, our programs are geared towards ensuring the sustainability of African businesses.

As a not-for -profit African Development Enterprise, we project to build and support the establishment of sustainable businesses in Africa by providing support in the form of training which will in turn develop, strengthen skills and expertise of African businesses.

Our programs are set out to ensure that business owners are well trained in matters concerning running a viable business. Our programs are consequent on research and needs of business owners.

By facilitating programs across Africa, we are enabling entrepreneurship in Africa, motivating aspiring business owners, creating and developing an efficient entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa, which in turn will curb the rate of unemployment and aid economic growth. Our programs are strategic, peculiarity of each programs differing with respect to location and other factors

 In 2021, we project to support the establishment and growth of 2000 businesses across Africa. En route to achieving this goal, the Enterprise Ecosystem organized an Enterprise Development conference for the northern parts of Nigeria. This program was exclusively targeted to empower businesses in northern Nigeria.

The Northern Nigeria development program held in Katsina and Kaduna respectively and hosted selected business owners to a 2-day intense workshop. The training focused on Idea validation, Business structure and Financial Recording, Leveraging Technology to build a global business, as well as creating a winning-pitch document. Participants were also allowed to pitch their business to potential investors.

African businesses have been badly hit by the pandemic; making support for these businesses more vital than ever. Our programs will center around creating these supports, with emphasis on leveraging technology, business processes and structures, strategy, branding and design thinking to navigate more creative ways of doing business.

The pandemic has created awareness to the possibility of having impactful virtual events which we have maximized in a number of virtual and hybrid event. Our programs are facilitated by seasoned experts and professionals who train businesses on their areas of expertise. Our pool of Mentors who know their onions well are also ready to train businesses from their wealth of experience.

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